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Lake Havasu Flight - 20min to 30min
1 hour

Lake Havasu Hot Air Balloons

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Hot Air Balloon Rides
Lake Havasu City & Parker, AZ


Sunrise over the chocolate colored mountains with pristine blue Lake Havasu City as a backdrop. Awesome beauties as you ascend in a hot air balloon, breaking the bonds of gravity aboard a beautiful "Party Favor" the name of our 105,000 cubic foot hot air balloon.
You have two choices to either go ballooning in Lake Havasu or Parker, Arizona. The Lake Havasu Hot Air Balloon flight will be of breathtaking beauty, we'll fly high enough to afford a commanding view of the entire Lake and City and you may also be able to spot the London Bridge.


The Lake Havasu City flight is different than the Parker, Arizona flight. Due to the terrain and Mother Nature in Lake Havasu we may have just a 20 minute flight or a 1 hour flight, we strive for the one hour flight but there are no guarantees on the Lake Havasu flight.

The Parker, Arizona flight (Parker is about 30 minutes from Lake Havasu City) is also equally awesome as we fly above acres of lush green agricultural fields and the Colorado River. Parker is great because you can pretty much count on a 1 hour flight and cover anywhere from three to seven miles. If you chose the Parker hot air balloon flight we will have you back to Lake Havasu by 11:30am.

On your hot air balloon ride, you'll leisurely float over either the City of Lake Havasu or planted rows of lush crops. We might even skim through the top branches of a tree's. We like to fly part of our flight just feet above the ground looking to spot desert wild life, its great!
After the flight we will have a traditional picnic and Champagne celebration and lots of pictures of your Hot Air Balloon flight.

If you're celebrating a special occasion -Birthday, Anniversary, wedding proposal or other occasion we will make it memorable! We'll put a banner on the basket, proclaiming the event, and serve a birthday cake - and maybe even sing - or present a special complimentary bottle of wine to toast an Anniversary or special event. This treat doesn't cost anything extra.



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